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Physiotherapy Melbourne

Did you know an archaeologist can tell quite a lot about someone’s life based from the wear and tear on their skeleton? The way we move expresses itself in how our bodies shift and change over time. Whether you play sports or spend most of your days behind a desk, there are many benefits that come from working regularly with a physiotherapist.

That’s why our physiotherapy facility in Melbourne isn’t just for when you have an injury or a strained muscle. Our services help your body shift in positive ways, ensuring you enjoy good mobility throughout your life.

How your movement habits affect your life

Everyone knows that exercising too much or too little can be a bad thing. However, many people don’t realise that there’s another factor to their physical health and long-term mobility: movement habits. This phrase refers to how you move your body on a regular, daily basis. It is the way you sit, stand, walk, and sleep.

In short, your daily movement habits are what determine how your body shifts and changes throughout your life. Developing bad movement habits may have a negative impact on your future mobility. That’s why, at Pinnacle Health Group, we recommend that everyone have at least one session of physio. Our Melbourne office offers treatment plans that are tailored to your lifestyle, so you’ll learn how to move in a way that promotes long-term mobility.

Find the source of those aches and pains

Have you ever had a body-ache, but you couldn’t figure out why? You guessed it, those movement habits are the culprit! It’s possible that, over time, your body has come out of alignment. Your muscles aren’t working together to properly to support your movements because you have habitually trained them to work improperly.

When one muscle in a group isn’t pulling its weight, or it’s pulling its weight the wrong way, it causes strain in other areas. So, while you may hurt in one spot, that pain may actually source from another part of your body. A good physical therapist helps you find the source of the pain. They’ll work with your body to bring you relief and teach you how to prevent further strain.

Unlock your full potential with Physiotherapy

If you want to keep moving, you have to learn how to move properly. There is no replacement for good movement habits, but there is also no one-size-fits-all solution for how to move well. Everyone is built a little differently and has different routines. That’s why you need the best physio that Melbourne has to offer. That’s why you need Pinnacle Health Group.

We truly care about the quality of your life. Our services can help you reach your full physical potential which will naturally improve every area of your life. Regular sessions can bring you to your best and keep you there as you age.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a session today and find out how movement habits can make or break your mobility.

Pinnacle Health Group is Melbourne's best physiotherapy centre. We have offices in Collins St and Docklands. We offer physiotherapy, clinical pilates, massage and myotherapy. We also offer corporate health and wellness. Visit our website or give us a call to learn more!

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A healthy team is a happy & productive team! Engage your team with services from wellbeing calendars, skin cancer checks, health checks, group wellness classes, seated massage, workshops and more!



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