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The modern corporation places the health and wellness of employees high on its agenda. These Corporations know the importance of a wide-ranging employee wellness program and its many benefits. However, not all programs are successfully applied and run. If employee engagement with the program is low, at times as low as 10 per cent, there is obviously no return on your investment.  At Pinnacle Health Group in Melbourne we operate differently. After years of working with some of Australia’s biggest corporate clients in the Melbourne CBD we have refined our offer with delicacy and skill. We understand the impact emotional and physical welfare has upon an employee’s working life and this helps us to pinpoint support in the areas it is most needed. Our goal is to provide a corporate health and wellbeing service that your employees will find simple and easy to access and one which delivers all the benefits you expect from it.

A Pinnacle Health Group Corporate Wellness Program in Melbourne offers:

  • A vibrant ‘health culture’ created at your place of work.
  • A boost in productivity and minimisation of absenteeism by having your staff engage with the message of health and wellness.
  • A demonstration of the benefits of incentivising staff to become involved in a healthy lifestyle. The commitment to health and wellbeing will be evident from management to shop floor.
  • Evidence to show what a progressive and caring employer you are; one who values its staff highly and prioritises its employees’ wellbeing.

At Pinnacle Health Group we have a range of corporate health and wellbeing programs to suit your business, whether large or small, near your establishment. Our vast experience has enabled us to develop our VIP program which has proven crucial to some of our largest clients in boosting the productivity of their workforces and slashing absenteeism. Or, we can instead customise a program to suit your individual needs. Why not talk to one of our corporate health experts today and allow them to show you how taking a more proactive interest in the health of your employees can increase the return on your investment?

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