The Ultimate Personalised Approach For Total Wellbeing

Take the guess work out of finding foods that work right just for you. One test, 45 genetic markers. All it requires is a simple saliva sample.

A new scientific discipline that uses modern gene technology to identify the relationship between genes and nutrients linked to physical and mental health traits.

From a simple saliva test, your DNA is analysed for common genetic variants that determine your specific response to nutrients identifying the foods you need to be consuming for optimum health and wellbeing.

The test does not predict or diagnose disease however does provide confirmation of efficiencies and inefficiencies in nutrient utilisation, specific to your genetic profile. Armed with this information, targeted dietary advice can be tailored for.

By having the test done you will find out some useful insights into your body like:

  • How effectively your body metabolises caffeine
  • What types of foods will help you burn fat to get lean
  • If a higher protein or carbohydrate diet will work best for you and your goals
  • How effectively your body processes gluten (not diagnosis of coeliac disease)
  • How effectively your body processes dairy foods
  • What vitamins and minerals your body is less effective at absorbing
  • If your body is suited more for endurance or power events
  • Whether you have a high injury risk

And so much more!


Who is this test suitable for?

Everyone! Whether you are an athlete looking to gain that extra advantage with nutrition planning or are just trying to understand how to maximise your nutritional wellbeing this test can help you. What we put in our mouths is 100% under our own control. Knowing which foods your body responds to best and least can get you feeling better and performing at your best faster. A carefully designed nutrition plan using foods specifically suited to you.


What does it involve?

Our Nutrigenomics testing is conducted over 2 separate appointments, a few weeks apart.  The first appointment is a 15 minute Nutrigenomics Assessment. During this appointment, our Dietitian Jenn will talk you through the process, determine your goals for the test and conduct the saliva test in preparation for sending this off. You will then be booked in for a follow up appointment a few weeks later. This will be a 60 minute appointment. During this appointment Jenn will talk you through in detail the specific results of your report (it’s about 25-30 pages long!).


What does it cost?

The total cost is $530. This is split up over the 2 appointments and your appointment fees are rebatable under private health insurance. The  first appointment will be $30 (rebatable under private health insurance) and $350 for the cost of the test (not rebatable under private health insurance). The second appointment will be $150 (rebatable under private health insurance)


How do I book and get started?

Book online here. You can also call and email our friendly concierge team at each Wellness Centre.

For more information please email us at