Our Story

Pinnacle Health Group was founded by Peter Dolan and Jennifer Wood. It was the end result of several years of planning and refining Pinnacle’s unique services and model. Pinnacle Health Group was conceived when he and co-owner (and wife) Jenny Wood – took over an existing Physiotherapy business and set about bringing “the ideal practice” to life. The pair transformed it into a multi-disciplinary centre which offered Physiotherapy, a range of classes, Personal Training, Massage, Podiatry & corporate health consultations. The benefits of this multi-disciplinary approach were immediately obvious in the great treatment outcomes achieved, and the satisfaction of clients and companies. A second centre was soon opened in Queensland, based on the same holistic model.

After successful business exits from each Queensland clinic, Pinnacle Health Group moved with Peter and Jenny to Melbourne – where the company has grown rapidly to 9 centres across Melbourne and Sydney in just 6 years!

Identifying a need for “accessible health experts” for busy, city-based employees – Pinnacle Health Group’s model has focused on providing health consultations of the highest quality from Wellness Centres and Private clinics in Melbourne and Sydney CBDs. Partnering with Australia’s largest companies such as ANZ Bank, Westpac Bank and others to provide services from on-site centres within company headquarters – they have pioneered the engagement of corporate employees in health awareness, and markedly improved productivity of employees as a result!

Our Vision

To provide convenient access to health and wellness services of the highest quality, to every corporate employee in Australia.

Our Values

L      Leadership – leading the market, our teams and our clients
I       Innovation – we don’t just do things better, but differently!
V      Value – exceeding the expectations of each and every client
E      Excellence – embracing learning and growth

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