Our Story

Pinnacle Health Group have been innovators of workplace health and wellness for over 15 years. We specialise in delivering integrated wellbeing programs, and state-of-the-art wellness centres for progressive organisations and property groups across Australasia.

We also solve the way-too-common issues that many HR and Health & Safety leaders experience – by streamlining their employee wellbeing programs, measuring the benefits, and actually getting their staff raving about the fun wellbeing initiatives on offer at their workplace!

Beginning as physiotherapists and allied health practitioners working within corporate buildings across Australia – we have collectively met, assessed, advised, and guided hundreds of thousands of working age Australians towards better health and wellbeing.

We really understand what the average workplace is like, and how it can do so much better.

Going to work has traditionally been acknowledged as an unhealthy pursuit, and for the modern-day working person, long hours – and balancing the pressures of family life, the commute, and having some kind of social life – mean that the workplace has a huge responsibility for creating and reinforcing healthy behaviours.

Our Vision

A world where the workplace actually creates healthier people.

Our Mission

Healthy people. Healthier workplaces.

Our Purpose

To inspire and create healthy changes in every workplace.

A strong pillar in our integrated wellbeing approach is our amazing Wellness Centres – described as “a cross between a health clinic and a day spa” for employees or tenants of modern buildings.

After pioneering Australia’s first purpose-built, Corporate Wellness Centre at ANZ Bank HQ in the Docklands in 2010, we have continued to listen to our amazing clients, in order to further innovate the health experience we provide from our eight wellness centres across Australian CBDs.

Our ability to deliver niche, best-in-class health experiences ranging from employee skin cancer checks to a massage or beauty therapy appointment – means that we are essentially a customisable wellbeing program and strategy for organisations or property owners.

We are so passionate about leading healthy, sustainable lives – and sharing these strong ideals across every workplace.

Our Core Values

Stay Humble. We are grounded, selfless and deliver amazing service with humility.

Trust our gut. We hire the best people, encourage them to trust themselves and are always solutions focused.

Challenge the Game. We believe in challenging conventional wisdom, asking the right questions and having the courage to be different.


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