Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Nail Surgery is only available at 120 Collins St and Docklands Clinics. You are unable to book in for surgery without a prior consultation with a Podiatrist.

What is Nail Surgery?

Ingrown toenail surgery involves the removal of the painful/diseased part of the nail, together with the corresponding portion of nail matrix, and chemical application to permanently prevent that portion of the nail from regrowing. It takes approximately one hour and is performed under a local anaesthetic. After the procedure, you’ll be able to walk out of the clinic.

Is it Painful?

Prior to surgery, we administer a local anaesthetic that numbs the entire toe for one-two hours, so there is no pain during or immediately after the procedure. If there is any discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off, it is usually well managed with paracetamol, rest and elevation of the foot. Our surgical technique for ingrown toenails is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no cutting of the skin and no stitches. This reduces the time it takes the toe to heal and minimises any postoperative pain.

Will I Need Time Off Work or School?

Immediately after the procedure clients should rest and keep their foot elevated for the rest of the day. They will also need to wear an open-toe shoe for one to two days, and avoid high heels and tight-fitting footwear for 1-2 weeks. Most people recover very quickly from surgery and are able to return to work or school within a day or two. Clients should not participate in physical education, sport or swimming for two weeks after the procedure.

What are the Risks?

  • Infection – removal of the nail creates a wound that may become infected. Usually this will be managed either with anti-bacterial dressings or antibiotic tablets.
  • Re-growth – the success rate of the procedure is excellent (98%), however, there is a risk that the nail may re-grow. The procedure can be revised as many times as it takes to work.
  • Anaphylaxis – there is a very small risk of an extreme allergic reaction to the Local Anaesthetic, however, clinics are equipped with Adrenaline should this arise.

For more information about Ingrown Toenail Surgery please contact any of our clinics.