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Many corporate health programs are poorly delivered, with average engagement of less than 10% of employees – meaning little to no change in overall company health for a high cost. Our vision is to provide convenient access to health and wellness services of the highest quality, to every corporate employee in Australia. A successful well-being program can increase employee engagement and result in less absenteeism. Pinnacle Health Group provide corporate health and wellness services to some of Australia’s largest companies. Choose from a range of tailored health options, or join our VIP Program and improve the productivity of your organisation now.

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propwell Initiatives


We provide express or executive health checks to target the overall health and wellness of your employees. Health checks can be organised on-site or at a nearby Pinnacle Health Group clinic.


Skin Cancer Checks can be performed at any of our CBD Clinics. Our qualified professionals can ensure that employees are in peak health, with follow-up plans and investigations as required.


Seminars can be used to complement existing Health & Safety programs, or you can leave it to us to build a customised calendar of events specific to your needs.


We can deliver Flu Vaccinations to your population on-site or at any of our clinics. Flu Vax can be delivered on a seasonal basis to protect employee health and lower absenteeism.


Feeling well at work has never been more important. We deliver soothing massage treatments for workplaces that need to re-charge. A Massage in the workplace can be just what the doctor ordered and make you feel more engaged and mindful.


Well-being programs that target Mental health can be used to help organisations address specific problems or challenges relevant to their culture, in order to create happy, healthy and thriving employees.

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