Skin Cancer Checks

Skin Cancer Checks are conducted by one of our Qualified Medical Practitioners at any of our Clinics. At this stage, skin cancer checks are unable to be completed on-site.

In our skin checks, we assess the skin for any abnormal changes – on moles that are already identified, or others you may not be aware of. We identify which moles we will need to watch, which are benign and can be left, and those that may need removal. If we identify a melanoma (or what we feel may be a melanoma), we remove the lesion – and it is sent off to pathology. The entire purpose of skin checks is to find any melanomas and remove them.


We Provide:

  1. Online booking process with set company time-slots
  2. Confidential feedback to each employee with an ongoing medical management plan if required
  3. Summary company report delivered to you wellbeing team
Skin Cancer Check, Corporate Health