Eoin FehilyPhysiotherapist & Clinical Services Manager

Eoin completed his physiotherapy degree at University College Dublin.  Throughout his 4 year degree he developed a passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy and began his career by providing private physiotherapy care in his hometown Cork.

In 2013, Eoin moved to New Zealand.  There he trained to be a Pilates instructor before working for Auckland’s most prestigious physiotherapy and Pilates centre.  It was here that Eoin began developing his skills by combining Clinical Pilates with physiotherapy.   After an 18 month stint in Auckland, Eoin moved to Wanaka in New Zealand’s beautiful South Island.  Working with Dr Dan Tuke (chiropractor) Eoin helped to develop a holistic programme for managing both short and long-term injuries.   During his time in Wanaka, Eoin set-up the Pilates section of the company he worked for.  He developed individual and group programmes for a variety of client types.  Eoin was also lead physiotherapist for Upper Clutha Rugby team for the 2015 season as well as physiotherapist to elite skiers and snowboarders throughout the winter months.

Having gained experience across a wide-array of disciplines and sports, Eoin believes in adapting his treatment to match the individual needs of the client.  He has treated thousands of musculoskeletal injuries and firmly believes no two injuries are the same.  Eoin is well practiced in manual therapy, dry needling, taping and soft tissue techniques.  Eoin’s main goal as a therapist is to provide you (the client) with an understanding of how specific exercise can help to remove pain and provide you with optimal function.

Outside of the clinic, Eoin is a keen runner and tries to keep active in the gym as much as possible.  He also enjoys outdoor sports and worked as a windsurfing instructor before pursuing a career in physiotherapy.

A brief note to the reader: Eoin is pronounced “Oh-in”.  If you have been reading it as “Eee-on” you’re among the 90% of Kiwis and Aussies that do so.  I won’t take offence; far too many vowels for one name!

Eoin is available for appointments at the ANZ Wellness Centre.