Luka FantelaChiropractor

    Luka graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor in Health Science and Applied Science (Chiropractic). His journey as a therapist was sparked following a late teenage traumatic injury to his lower back, which lead him to pursue a career as a health professional to provide the absolute best management strategies for his clients.

    While completing his studies, Luka worked as a certified personal trainer and S&C coach in the Melbourne CBD. During this time, Luka was able to help many individuals through a movement-based approach to improve pain, performance and overall health. With Luka’s strong drive to grow and develop as a professional, Luka has undertaken several postgraduate rehabilitation courses as well as further studies in Exercise & Sport Science to further his knowledge in rehabilitation, biomechanics and performance.

    Luka is a strong advocate of patient-centred care, where he employs a combination of hands-on therapy, tailored exercise-based rehabilitation and lifestyle management strategies to get clients back doing the things that matter most.

    Away from work, Luka maintains an active lifestyle, enjoys traveling, loves spending quality time with his family and furthering his professional skill set.