Rachael RoganCorporate Wellbeing Presenter and Facilitator

    Having worked with Pinnacle Health Group for the last four years with many of our corporate clients, including Westpac, ANZ, and Ernst and Young, Rachael has developed and delivered a range of workplace wellness engagements that have inspired, educated and transformed the lives of many employees.

    Qualified as a mindfulness coach and expert, meditation guide and yoga instructor since 2005, Rachael instils all aspects of health and wellbeing in her workshops to provide a holistic and remedial approach. Most of her inspiration is drawn from her time in Nepal and India, where Rachael began her journey of assisting others along the path of improving their wellbeing. Her leadership and passion is shown through her warming and welcoming presence, use of practical tools and techniques and her ability to connect with individuals and groups to assist employees in embracing healthier lifestyle changes.

    Rachael is an outcome-driven facilitator who understands the challenges and the importance of integrating new habits into each business and employee. She is committed to delivering highly collaborative, relaxed and participative learning environments to support participants in embracing lifestyle changes and to apply the tools and techniques to strength their wellbeing and resilience.

    It is her ambition to empower a culture of wellness, where employee health and wellbeing is at the heart of every business to promote positive growth, resilience and outcomes.