Rachael RoganSenior Fitness Instructor

    As a long-time advocate of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, Rachael has transformed her life with exercise and enjoys sharing her 20 years of fitness experience with others. Her experience extends to a multitude of disciplinary to include Yoga, Personal Training, Swimming Instructor, Rock-climbing/Abseiling Instructor and Gym Instructor.

    Rachael’s passion lies with teaching and practising Yoga and was drawn to it at the early age of 11. She began teaching Yoga in 2007 having gained certification from Qi Yoga in Manly. As a qualified yoga teacher, personal trainer and member of the Yoga Teachers Association of Australia, she brings a unique blend of fitness and Yoga to her sessions providing a variety of whole-body exercises.

    Having previously begun her career in the corporate sector as a web consultant, it gave her insight into the pressures and challenges that most are faced with on a day-to-day level. With this, she is able to use exercise and yoga to release the stresses of the corporate environment and teach you to become self-sustaining.

    “You can build on health and wellness by being more present in every daily activity. Eating, moving and living in the now allows you to be accountable and enjoy every small achievement in life. To live wishing for a more fruitful past or fixating on the future can make the present seem unsatisfying and we can lose our passion for now.”

    Rachael offers one-on-one and group style sessions both indoors and outdoors. For more information, please contact our staff to make a booking.