Team Wellness & Rewards

Aside from providing our great one-on-one health services like physiotherapy and massage across Westpac’s Wellness Centres, we are also one of Australia’s leaders in wellbeing services for teams and organisations.

Many teams within Westpac (and other organisations) have taken advantage of productivity-building, morale-boosting and wellbeing-focussed initiatives such as team yoga, nutrition workshops, and event calendars to engage their people.

We focus on a number of different areas to include physical, mental, financial and community wellbeing – with our range of sessions delivering wellness, fitness, nutrition and learning and development benefits. Let us design the perfect wellbeing event for your team.

Our team wellness initiatives make workplace wellness fun, empowering, and practical – and ensures a team wellness culture that drives productivity. Our workplace wellness consultants are very passionate about making health and wellness business-as-usual for your team, and are experts in making each health initiative exciting and engaging.

A team that plays together, stays together!

Workplace Wellness Services:

Mind & Body Classes

We can provide a wide range of mind-body classes including Meditation, Stretching, Yoga, Floor Pilates and Yogilates. All of these can be tailored to suit the needs of your team!

Fitness Classes

Active employees are healthy employees. Workplace fitness training assists in turning groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on approaching challenges together.

Wellness Workshops

Our team workshop events are fun and more importantly, tailored to improve team performance and enhance your workplace culture. Examples include: healthy eating, how-to make healthy snacks, and many more


We can provide a wide variety of wellbeing seminars to your team. Popular topics include: healthy eating, mental wellbeing or the 4 pillars: Mind, Nutrition, Movement, Resilience.

Seated Massage

Seated Massage is a great tool to re-charge your employees. A Massage in the workplace can be just what the doctor ordered and make your team more engaged and mindful. Massages can also be completed at desks.

Health Checks

Supercharge the wellness of your team with a physical health check. We can assess your teams heart health, hearing or skin health. A physical health check is a great way to keep your team safe.

Themed Wellness Calendars

Let us design a customised calendar of events specific to your teams needs. Our well-being activities can be customised to existing Health & Safety programs, or you can leave it to us to design a engaging and fun experience for your team.

Engage Your Team